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Tipping is everywhere. It is all around us.

Even now, in this very room. You can see it when you look out your window or when you turn on your television. You can feel it when you go to tokenchat.co/tips
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20000 $enjoy
more 4/3 in the internet world please
11111 $Enjoy
99999 $Enjoy
77 $imagine to fascinated.eth 
777 $Enjoy
01001000 01100101 01101100 01101100 01101111 00001010
200000 $ENJOY
whole squa enjoying

42000 $enjoy
now playing: On An Axis by Oneohtrix Point Never 🎶 33333 $ENJOY
This is so sick 

11111 $enjoy
10000 $enjoy
10000 $ENjoy
very cool! 3333 $enjoy
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50000 $Enjoy
nice job
6969 $Enjoy
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11111 $enjoy
50000 $enjoy 'ed this a lot
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42069 $Enjoy 'ed
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500 $ENJOY
As a tortured soul as shall $enjoy it now
333 $Enjoy
this is enjoying 111,111 $Enjoy
10000 $ENJOY
thats nice
1000 $ENJOY
1111 $Enjoy
69000 $enjoy

Yes, yes it is 🔵 ❗❗❗
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2222x2222 24 colors 44KB    

Error 404: Page Not Found

This is a mintable "404 Page Not Found" error page for tokenchat.co. You can collect this moment of our folly (or your error).

How did you end up here?
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100 $enjoy
777 $enjoy
404 $Enjoy
111 $enjoy
777 $Enjoy
Found 404 $enjoy
we mintin dis shit
404 mint found
Mint the error page · 👓 🔵
i dare someone to mint 404 of these
my favourite number
Page Was Found
this isn't what I was looking for, but now I have it
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1880x1714 4.2MB      

Token Chat Council, Feb 2024

250 $members of the Token Chat Council! Visit tokenchat.co to join an invite-only telegram group for distinguished commenters.

The members: @seeingblue @jacob @galafete @fascinated @benouna @ccarella @deez @thepark @kurtvonnegut @thenounishprof @fbisurveillancevan @wijuwiju @uncledavo @qabqabqab @sweetman @annoushka @jihad @zachroth @0xen @fullmetaldroid @iamnick @dylsteck @cybermagick @stipinpixel @heybitch @l444u @agniis @dain @lesgreys @derekgtaylor @fabrii2k @j4ck @sidmes @v5mt @chriscocreated @tyson @sabatobox @yunique @pamilo @toadyhawk @artiom @magnetismo @ktototam @collection.skomra @incarterseyes @joshuafisher @bosquegracias @nickellygarbaje @neroone @dutchyyy @tornadorodriguez @wmp @lukamarr @rosesnkittens @davidtphung @zakkrevitt @lucasoxx @coopahtroopa @santiagoney @mortespiral @katalunia @disya @dddvvv @danyrus @ygoralvesl @ripe0x @ilankatin @jalil @daieazh @genresis @swampee @mickrenders @crampedskunkman @bypadu @spaceheadtr @discostu @zaak @nonlinear @looksfun @philcockfield @alejandropeters @metamu @gusspace @yungalgo @arbstein @voxclub @sirsu @hopione @salmanneedsajob @saintless @0xstarseed @zora.skomra @horsefacts @fenderjazz @k0ch @okjose @martinjoss @cxy @cc0reator @chaim @jungong @katjjja @taayyohh @acornseed @bassed @nervape @nickprince @cutility @chamaquito @jooktuley @🐸3⃣3⃣ @chabe @pigou @ugodigi @sagrado @pipilu @laurenfromusa @drewcoffman @chopan @hun3y @raihan @mirajoyce @0xdesigner @basgras @marianaju @gaurang @mxjxn @webbmaster @h1vemind @kero @wijitb @jayislate @mstrbstrd @studiodad @zackenny @disqtible @∈〔・ω・〕∋ @therealslimkong @tjark @niftish @x.zaxarov @kismetcasa @ivolga @nanobro @jesse @juanpez @dambass @natcatlover @edmarola @jsg @sasqwash @nineinchnail @blankspace @dispreneur @benceivanyi @ctrlc @arjantupan @foguentao @hot.gabrielayuso @wables @amoku @theartofwarren @moshiri @occulted @stephancill @umanesimo @purple0x @c1phr @pueblosagrado @waldos420 @rileybeans @alexbruno @artabel @usonia @bosco @vividfeverdreams @yougogirl @realcameron @polmaire @thisispaff @avauniverse @0xkek @angeldarmella @jzs @monolithicgremlin @corrineciani @losingmyego @takeupspace @fabiolaio @ohnahji @kyt @realgrl @rawtoast @ethanill @danicaswanson @0xerik @gregorionash @queermuseum @colourcharlie @tigris @russthebrown @rohan @solsiete @pinkyblu @yana @taylor.perkshop @empresstrash @zeth @lght @gami @ekekonfts @token-chat @acidflower @lxtxcx @4tiffive @mazinflow @guruguruhyena @0x32bd5d883d63643f532e7fbe9e9aa89b29bb35c0 @0x97f1290f14cf27bc53fd9905a389a14ac0993b84 @0x12aace3ef656ddde57bc75c13b35dc9a87c13d11 @0xe5501bc2b0df6d0d7daafc18d2ef127d9e612963 @0xc3ff8ff007a9878fe8505ed73dffe22226ab5c10 @0x109ce90026964c3a5bfe305b967fd660b8d1382c @0x693243b36792070a761399ac85be234de5053d9b @0x94aaf5ceb457057ac4d1588257988d487272984f @0x7040c987c9ec3e19576f29e9eb2b52734b21c0cb @0xe3737e542bfbfca6c64abdbdd166bdf67d7f2ec6 @0x794b769d5c7e4d66d9a8d1da91e9cb7a94bb18e7 @0xc94f7af53bceb4ea52b12c989781a6c1b8e54404 @0x3770fc866d3a9357eb17b0111973667838b73c34 @0x26b4c08af698ed072738ab141412958e484c15a0 @0x2627f584d7a3a28c42b741bf4cb3f7cd1571546c @0x264db049d0cfa73fb334cb605dc8c2843c1edf95 @0x5576274800a2c36489320b2d6994590dc0cf9d1f @0x0d9209c15bf6ad2a4242f97d9d5a0b087678b346 @0x5b219db1bc6eada9e45afa9cb14c8527776b0d0b @0xb02f4595a171a5e0fdb07b98103fa9280219d81e @0x558e1bdda5b2283d816838e778f8f43f26408ff8 @0x66bc13e0970b3184c5944e7438af9aee940c47c7 @0x1eb5093e5d072212f68cbf77571a7fa393a0df32 @0xbbf5bda43218806b1cf73ba3d5ff3e9ae76cf978 @0x8425cb9db22f88bb38f6c64b39c4712e4ca8aa11 @0x8f14c7a940a3b30cd188588e06f5a774478bdaf4 @0x33fb4a4bec92b78513b3673fa859784a4aeadc33 @0x93df3228ba8916bd8e5819534f687ad1d8c8693e @0x99b1e48230e082a1382fd17c4df5e269181f509a @0x075dcec0aba53f1e1f5c9ae5e50f43d00d7057f1 @0x133ca9a3f0fe9f2ef8de02f80d5c92e78b278b8a @0xa136c52c7065f0fa87284b823701befc1c5d9daf @0xea3b53a8fd8ff0826a4202e493f099c0ab433e9d @0x94814ca1f0a740f78a3d4ad103bcb6ce7f499d3d @0x9938d43d5078d8a3b2e45ea9a9d2bb98f6494385 @0x653d1d3b0db0bcad2ad18820a93c1f714b64764c @0x1a755427474c0f0be7df80a3cb2e562955f1cc26 @0xca73a560a0f19c3289fa736fd89074afb2ff2f9a @0x4b764659c758928aa6b8b09e703618d46d2136b5 @0x81acbf867af819d566deddc48805c9db21f4b780
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supppp fam
Zora fam!
great month
I love you all <3
yes please 💅🏼
this is so us
mint 🌜🌞🌛 comment
👑👑👑💎🌞🧡😭🙏🙏🙂😎👑👑👑💎🌞🧡😭🙏🙏🙂😎👑👑👑💎🌞🧡😭🙏🙏🙂😎 L O S M E J O R E S!! ALL THE ZORAMAFIA !!! <3 👑👑👑💎🌞🧡😭🙏🙏🙂😎👑👑👑💎🌞🧡😭🙏🙏🙂😎👑👑👑💎🌞🧡😭🙏🙏🙂😎👑👑👑💎🌞🧡😭🙏🙏🙂😎👑👑👑💎🌞🧡😭🙏🙏🙂😎👑👑👑💎🌞🧡😭🙏🙏🙂😎👑👑👑💎🌞🧡😭🙏🙏🙂😎👑👑👑💎🌞🧡😭🙏🙏🙂😎
Here we are ⌐Ⓗ-Ⓕ 🥹incredible moments onchain together
wiiiii im in the list! 💖 JOIN THE CHAT! 🧙‍♀️🪄
proud council member 🫡
certified commentooooooor ✨🤌🏿
incredible initiative fascinated, I am top coment this week I have chances to enter ?
The 👑 Feb 2024 🤯🤯🤯
now playing: Da Pass by Chicago Underground Council 🎶
Well done! · 👓 🔵
LOVE this group photo. class of 2023-2024. happy friday!
jacob the best
da council
group photo!
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2000x2000 38KB   

Notified, gently

Leave a Token Chat tab open all day? See when new comments show up through this gentle notice.
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when notifications? 👀
1 new comment
Ⓜ️ ❇️ New comments. Neatly bundled. 👓 🔵
1 new comment
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✨ 5 Ways to Get Mint Referral Rewards on Token Chat ✨

If you mint something with a comment, you can get a reward (0.000111) via Token Chat when someone:

1. mints while on your profile page

2. clicks on an edition via your comment throughout the site and mints there

3. comments via the mint sidebar on the homepage, after selecting your comment

4. clicks a link to an edition with your ENS name or address in the referral variable (for ex: "?referrer=fascinated.eth", at the end of link)

5. sees what you’re minting over your shoulder irl, and mints that edition (coming soon)
98 words 588B Read on Zora

✨ 5 Ways to Get Mint Referral Rewards on Token ...

There are quite a few ways to get Mint Referral Rewards on Token Chat!

Read more about Zora's Protocol Rewards: support.zora.co/en/articles/8192123-understanding-protocol-rewards-on-zora
Read more
Love the concept of rewarding those who contribute thoughtful onchain commentary.
Each of these ways (especially #5) deserves a mint.
👓 🔵
Good comments → rewards
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2222x2222 145KB      

Rewards, interlinked

Zora's Mint Referral Rewards create new connections between onchain users, and make existing relationships more visible.

Referrals that lead to comments are now visible on Token Chat. Look for "via username.eth" near a comment to see whose activity (sharing, commenting) made it happen.

We've also added more ways to preserve this context (and share the rewards) throughout the app.

More on that in the next post.
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It really do be working like that
👓 🔵
This graph will soon look a lot more fun
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2222x2222 1.1MB      

Comment Rewards

If you comment via the mint sidebar on Token Chat (hover over any edition to see it), the commenter that brought this edition to your attention will get the mint referral reward. Active on the homepage, or any commenter's profile.

Rejoice in the fruits of your commentary!

ft. CHROMA SURGE ZORB by @mxjxn tokenchat.co/collection/zora:0x24b09f41fbe7fb335b5fef50deea85c513559a8e/4 & @annoushka.
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we love token chat
Comment comment comment
good project~
thax 4 all this work 🤗🕊🐵💌🌟🌞
This feature is so good!
Visit Token Chat to find and share discoveries.
Incorporate comments into your minting.
Hover. Comment. Mint. Rewards. Repeat.
👓 🔵
leading indicator
worldclass update format
Whaaaat this is so cool!!!!! @fascinated
special thanks to @annoushka for always minting the best stuff!
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2222x2222 1003KB      

The Comment Cycle

The comments move from one reservoir to another, such as from the Zora mint pages to the Token Chat discussion pages, or from the ocean to the atmosphere, by the physical processes of evaporation, transpiration, condensation, precipitation, infiltration, surface runoff, and subsurface flow.

In doing so, the comments go through different forms: liquid, solid and vapor.

ft. Zorb Terrarium by @bosquegracias tokenchat.co/collection/zora:0x07f4f5c019f7b60f00c36641c7d4e7811e3c06e0/4
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Comments are living creatures.
👓 🔵
The evaporative phase of the cycle purifies comments, causing salts and other solids picked up during the cycle to be left behind, and then the condensation phase in the atmosphere replenishes the land with freshcomments.
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2222x2222 332KB     

CSV downloads are ready

Get a list of your commenters in a CSV format across ALL your editions or from a specific work.

Connect wallet on tokenchat.co, tap your address to go to your profile and tap "CSV" to get the summary.

Tap the painting for the edition view, and you'll be able to download addresses of commenters on a specific edition.

If you want to get comments for one of your collections, search for it in the search bar, and then tap the download icon next to the collection title.
Read more
have a nice day
@fascinated testing the at functionality :~)
fascinated is good
Like the CSV functionality!
Will be especially helpful when collections are immense.
Particularly like the edition view (via painting) on tokenchat.co.
Creators can see comments of collectors.
Collectors can confirm if they minted something previously.
👓 🔵
Comment-Separated Value Row 1

Try this out!
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1179x1179 100KB      

Filter Superpowers

Comment scholars deserve only the best discovery tools while exploring new editions, so we've added a few great ways to filter the activity.

NEW TODAY, CLOSING SOON: Editions that have been just minted, or are closing in the next day. Don't miss your chance to have the last word!

FOR YOU: Comments by artists & onchain users whose editions you've collected. Best way to catch anything you might have missed (things you've already collected are hidden from this view).

MEDIA: There's an immense range of creativity being minted on Zora. Don't miss those onchain vector graphics & 3d scenes!

Are there other ways you'd like to filter what's going on?
Read more
day by day
Appreciate the iteration here by @fascinated
Potential filter ideas:
● Editions - “First Minter” for contracts not yet deployed
● Editions - When clicking into “Closing Soon,” add countdown timer below item
● Meta - “Last 24” for most active users in last 24 hours
Just a few ideas.
👓 🔵
love all the updates on the tokenchat!
⌐Ⓗ-Ⓕ for you
Are there other ways you'd like to filter?
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1111x1111 65 colors 37MB      

Comments as co-creation

See each comment in context with the art. What is revealed?

Tap the comment timestamp anywhere in the app to dive in.

[Save Image] to save what you see for easy sharing, the [🔀] to see another recently minted comment.
Read more
didn't see this one :~)
This feature deserves a ✭✭✭✭✭ rating!
Adds a new dimension to the minting process.
Share both art and comments at the same time.
👓 🔵
"Com"munication "m(i/e)nts"
how deeply meta can we go?
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2222x2222 123KB    

Know your medium

What messages might it have?

These key details are now on all collection pages.
Read more
It’s a “Swiss Army knife” of options.
And a broader canvas than creators and collectors may realize.
👓 🔵
many metadata secrets will be revealed!
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2048x2048 1.2MB      

Personalized profiles

There are 100 great reasons to customize your profile on Zora, but another one is that the custom colors and typefaces will show up on Token Chat too!

Many strong vibe choices here from @galafete @l444u @nptacek @basgras @uncledavo @jacob @dain @heybitch @zachroth
Read more
#me #imthere #omg
thank you i love you!!!!
Here for the vibes. And the minting.
👓 🔵
personalize your profile on zora.co/profiles and bring the vibes with you to Token Chat!
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2048x2048 1.1MB      

Get comments

Getting comments might be even better than writing. See comments on all your editions in one place.

Bonus: Mention your fellow onchain scholars in a comment, and they'll see that mention here too.

ft. comment 👑👑👑
@galafete tokenchat.co/galafete.eth/received
@0xen tokenchat.co/0xen.eth/received
@ripe0x tokenchat.co/ripe0x.eth/received
@annoushka tokenchat.co/annoushka.eth/received
Read more
🧂🥓🥚⁎o(* ̄▽ ̄*)ブ
Effectively the Token Chat Messaging System.
👓 🔵
All comments on your collections in one place. Tap the ▿
@annoushka @interfacelabs will the devs do something?!!
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2048x2048 1.6MB      

Instant search

A must for any onchain commentary scholar.

Fast search for any commenter or collection being discussed.

ft. Fake Ads - Zora Zine Print Issue 001 by @articles.zorazine

Pattern Recognition by @pattern---recognition
Read more
Searching for term(s) where titles "auto-complete" is exceptional.
👓 🔵
token chat search pro tip: command+k to bring up the search box, enter to navigate to the top result
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2048x2048 2.4MB      

Mint it (with feeling)

Minting right on Token Chat.

Mint a few copies to make sure your comment is most visible + so that future generations of onchain commentary scholars can discover who went the hardest.

ft. Big Vibe 1.1 by @onhere

A/V Orb by @elbii

Comments by @fascinated
Read more
@( * O * )@
best new slider
I commented via tokenchat.co
Here for the slider bar.
👓 🔵
very cool 😎👌🔥
chatting on a mint about chatting on tokenchat.co
thank you fascinated.eth ❘ ❙ ❚ ⌐Ⓗ-Ⓕ ❘ ❙ ❚
new Token Chat update: only fitting to mint this one 10x
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2048x2048 4.4MB      

Rich collection pages

To further develop Comment Studies, there are now richer comment pages throughout token chat. Customized colors and typefaces as set by the artist on Zora's mint pages are used.

ft. pin pun by @pamilo tokenchat.co/collection/zora:0xba3a690c99e5f2728d6dda85582b242f4db6a098
vignettes by @mjoyce
calling_flwr://[01] by @0xxtinct
Read more
Seeing the timestamps of previous mints is a nice touch.
👓 🔵
new Token Chat update, part of the Onchain Commentary Improvement initiative
this is beautiful
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2000x2000 24 colors 47KB    

Token Chat

Welcome to tokenchat.co.
Read more
I had to comment about the token chat
agree @danicaswanson - my favorite site for zora art discovery
Brilliant work. Love to see Token Chat thriving.
the council assembles
Beginning to understand the implications of Token Chat.
Sleep may be at a premium as a result.
👓 🔵
the education we deserve !!!
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