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616000 $enjoy can’t wait until I get to enjoy the real thing!
122023 $enjoy Thanks for inviting nounsfolk out to help with the float! It was a bucket list opportunity for me & my son! Loved the whole experience and can't wait to see the doc!
GM Farcaster is building some fun for onchain summer! stay tuned! 77777 $enjoy
on 11
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77777 $enjoy thanks for the doc deebee!
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beautiful piece usersteen -- and congrats on the first Artist Program drop! 555555 $enjoy
this may or may not be a clue
77777 $enjoy for the love of guppy
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77777 $enjoy you are prolific boop!
77777 $enjoy love seeing presentations minted!
on Ethan
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55555 $enjoy love the pirate squid
on DuckTV
77777 $enjoy ducking around and finding out
77777 $enjoy good cast(er) action
77777 $enjoy (the mint not doing taxes)
77777 $enjoy - i love /onchainmedia
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7777 $enjoy and love that you're minting these now!
7777 $ejoy cuz I enjoy the letters
7777 $enjoy ing the swatches!
love this! 7777 $enjoy
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777 $enjoy love this one sum!
7777 $enjoy since I enjoyed it so much I'm minting another!
7777 $enjoy congrats on the new pod!
7777 $enjoy cuz I enjoyed chatting with toady and mike!
77777 $enjoy (since tipping wasn't available when I minted the first time! thanks for the chat Alex!)
7777 $enjoy and good luck with the new pod!
7777 $enjoy and congrats on the new onchain pod!
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builders gotta build
on 1988 via 0x11c1
class of 88 checking in
based and purple
if only it had been a straight flush -- so close lol
cryptozombies are my favorite zombies
the invenitable sub
Happy St. Patty's day!
Can't wait to see everyone at the Pizza Castle!
who's house? wuf's house!
who's house? wuf's house!
love this cast/mint fun!
ok this is cool -- love this new cast to mint feature
I know what my next background for gm farcaster will be -- well done!
got my lil lovers on mainnet last year -- love that they took a Base jump!
oh the brillance of this can not be overstated
insert why not both gif here
and I found it in the /onchainmedia channel on warpcast!
beautiful! thanks to thepark.eth for sharing the link to this collection
You’ve got mail 🔵
touch digital grass
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on 21
Couldn’t agree more! 💜
bridge to the future
death star vibes
I would live here!
testing out the mole
Always game to see what Gami’s cooking up.
on GM
gm farcasters
Loved this episode—onchain media for the win
til next time...⌐◨-◨
Great work deebee! Can’t wait for the doc!
I know some of these punks 🤔
I can hear the home depot remix playing
need this pendant for real
beautiful -- loving Farcaster Fall
Well this is a lil surprising but fun!
for everyone -- even the OGs