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Verse 1:
Born in the channels of Farcaster's glow,
degen rose from memes, its stature to grow.
Purple top hats, a symbol we know,
Airdropped to those who create and show.

Connect your wallet, step into the fray,
10K degen lets you join the play.
Cast your thoughts, then await the day,
Rewards on hold, soon to sway.

Rhythms in the blockchain seas, $degen soaring with ease,
Community strong, we do as we please,
From meme to chain, a billion dollar tease.

Verse 2:
Wake leads the front, Jacek codes the dream,
Innovation they brew, creativity the theme.
Partners like Nick on the beam,
With 1confirmation, we chase the supreme.

degen vibes, a culture ride,
Vibes and fun, we all provide.
Growing, trading, with pride wide,
degen, our anthem, our global guide.

The market climbs, a spectacle in the skies,
Hold onto degen, watch the surprise.
A billion dreams, as our spirit flies,
Together, the clever and the wise.

In Farcaster's realm, where the bold ones play,
degen spins the tales, in the purple sway.
Creativity reigns, come what may,
In this community, we all have our say.
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In the echo of code, where the chains collide,
Jesse Pollock dreams, with Base chain by his side.
DWR in the glow, casting far and wide,
Jacob crafts Zora, where creativity's tide.
Farcats through the frames, in the Farcaster light,
Zora's canvas broad, under Jacob's insightful guide.
OG NFTs and Gaias taking flight,
"Enjoy" coins sparkle, rewards in the night.
DJ cheap transaction fees, rhythms in the blockchain seas,
High volume, in the breeze, with Zora, creativity frees.
Farcaster frames, our canvas wide, visionaries side by side,
Degen's tale, the people's pride, in this world where we abide.
From a meme to chain, $Degen's story unfolds,
A purple top hat shines, a narrative bold.
"Higher" whispers of cultures old,
And "Enjoy" rewards the art so bold.
Degen, the coin of the people, takes its hold,
Farcaster's heart, in its essence, bold.
Farcats through the frames, in the Farcaster light,
Zora's platform shines, under the moon so bright.
"The memecoin that became a blockchain," right,
With "Enjoy," creation's delight shines bright.
Degen stands, the people's coin, in the night,
For the people, by the people, our collective might.
DJ cheap transaction fees, rhythms in the blockchain seas,
High volume, in the breeze, with Zora, we mint with ease.
Farcaster frames, our canvas wide, Jesse, Jacob, DWR, our guide,
Degen's journey, the people's stride, "Higher" and "Enjoy," alongside.
In the web of creation, where our passions merge,
Zora and Farcaster, creativity's surge.
Jesse, Jacob, DWR, chart the course they urge,
Together they craft, as new worlds emerge.
"Enjoy" echoes in the creative surge,
A token of art, on the verge.
DJ cheap transaction fees, rhythms in the blockchain seas,
High volume, in the breeze, Zora's art, a world appease.
Farcaster frames, our canvas wide, visionaries, in their stride,
Degen, "Higher," "Enjoy," our guide, in this world, our pride we confide.
So here we stand, in the purple dreams,
Base, Zora, Farcaster, a team supreme.
"Higher" and "Enjoy," under the creative beam,
With Degen, the people's coin, together we gleam.
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Based in history onchain
Love both the art & idea!
Saw ur cast. Unsure about the math, but down for anything bitmap
keep slaying it df! love seeing it
missing again, please record putting the magnificent purple farJacket on dwr again
very cool chris!
wuf & syrup pls
gl fren, looking forward to seeing more claymations
love the continuation of this form! gg chris
woah, this is super cool ted! gg, will be fun to see how others use frames to tell their stories.
notice any funny business with the xfer name? 😏 encouraging others to be more creative via the use of AI
wowwwww 👏 💜 this one
wow, amazing piece. gg
Cam is the mortar in the FC arch 💪 When I think of early commitment to FC I think of you man, you kept genuine engagement up during the bear! You're literally a sub-Founder of FC. Cheers dude
supporting women is a lifestyle, just ask my 3 latinas 💃🏻
very cool 😎👌🔥