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Minted on The Terminal
this is truly a work of art
this recap is amazing! farcon forever 💜
thanks for having us on & congrats again on 100 episodes!!!
hoping someone actually makes this 🙌 🙌
for the hackers
huge congrats on 100 episodes!!!
stoked for the irl vibes at farcon!
on farcon
getting hyped for farcon, lfg!!
couldn’t be more bullish!!
minting & watching on zora, the future is here ✨
cool format!
many such cases! 😃
this is awesome!! farcosystem forever 🟪
the hubs are bracing for impact!!
such a clean design 🟪
on Based
gotta love a hot cup of spite!
by far one of my highlights from the frames launch weekend, congrats frens team!
exciting times on farcaster!!
this poster design though 🤯
so many gems in this piece 🙌
Great episode, and thanks for covering Litecast!
casters doing cool stuff onchain, as always 🫡
if only crypto ux was this clean!
i'm always so inspired by these artists' incredible work! ✻ ✻
amazing work by the kismet casa crew
can’t miss a new ccarella drop!
onto season 2 we go! 🟪
had to mint the non OG edition as well just because of how important today is!
looks rare 👀
zora's always coming in hot with their launches
minting from rainbow 🫡
such a great watch!
wen can I get this logo IRL? 👀
always down for some onchain utility!
we like up and to the right 🫡
platform maxxing can be a struggle 🙌
chatting on a mint about chatting on tokenchat.co
curation ftw 🫡
to the start of farcaster fall 🫡
had to put HTML onchain for this moment 🚀
looks rare 👀
onward and upward 🫡
this is such a monumental mint and moment — to the next million casts! 🟪 🫡
on UFO
these graphics are crazy
there's a ton of energy this onchain summer ⚡️
on ZTube
onchain > online
on EVM
very onchain
minting a pdf onchain while I’m on a plane 🫡
farcaster x converse seems like a big deal 🫡
so pumped to be using zora network 🫡
zorbs on zorbs on zorbs
only big moves from zora 🫡
on LA
i wonder what this could be 👀
on Pilot
beautiful design to kick off a L2 Summer
great design + great message = must mint 🫡
builderdao making big moves 🫡
always cool to see great teams collab 🤝
Zora’s really been on one with their videos lately 🫡

and I see that new CAIP-19 URI on mint links 👀
on Game 5
NBACaster FTW 🫡
on Cast
Just Cast It 🟪
let’s keep on farcasting 🟪
commenting onchain about being onchain 🫡
big supporter of blobs and of this collab!! 🫡
fun project!