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We like the likes, dropping them next week! Come and enjoy the new internet with Interface
new era is upon us
wow, this is epic! An amazing proposal to build out school infra and it seems like everyone is having fun haha!
masss adooooooptor is here! Baby, abstract my gas away entirely!
meme me higher
just scrolled through the entire packaging process, an amazing way to share a story and use of mints! Also crazy details in production, are there any lamps left? I'm based in Lisbon
my favourite online shows ⌐◨-◨
crypto is dead
based place to enjoy the summer
Interface – companion for true degens, freaking love this!!
Genevieve's Pufferfish is nounesanely epic
stop motion animator for the win
beat is something
discovered, minted and listening via interface.social P.S. Erik don't forget to register an ENS domain
Love the updated version! 💕
mint&print. enjooyyyy
no idea what is happening, but i'm on the list! Damn, does it mean I am a Faristocaaaaaaaat? meow, sers!
create on Zora, collect on Interface, what a blast!
blasting from interface.social
interface.social to connect them all
legend! 366 this year
damnnnnn, these clay textures, framing and details give me Teenage Engineering vibes, lets goooooo!
My grandkids will permissionlessly have lots of questions: you did what on the mother layer!? We didn't know that humans inhabited it! What does flippening a worthless jpeg and apeing into a shitcoin mean!? You've spend hooooow much ETH!? Damn, we could've bought an entire farm plot on Europa for these and a ride to get there!
pseudonymity -> meritocracy
onboarding 3, 2, 1
haha love this, we are actually working on something to solve this ;)

P.S. in this specific case: "Don't Mint! warpcast.com/billzh/0x6763fa1f"
sooo worth it, i want another one
welcome onchain! 🖤
love this! @kurthustlecollective you should try interface.social, we are cooking something related to this. 🗑️ 💻 🌐 📂
hey, if you are a creator, you must check this out, there is a dope art contest by Optimism at welovetheart.optimism.io
first one to mint the pilot episode! congrats on the launch! still here
haha, very cool! No idea how this would work thou, probably first I would need to mint some voice packs to unlock them to narrate the audio option! or input is just a prompt that is fed into respective format LLM.
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enjoying this episode on interface.social
love the journey of both Zerion the project and us the individuals navigating the space, congrats on the launch!
This is probably one of my favourite collections. Humans x animals relations are weird af. Even the number of mints tell a story how we prefer a comfy pillow for a dog over the process of it's creation.
on #1
good morning, sers!
dang, good old times! connecting people!
sharp. one question, why not 1155? or there will be variations of horses, dances?
wen Farcaster crypto dads vs cash flow positive?
basically free, where do i get my Loot from!?
where did it come from?
unleash the marble!
vessin into this drop
Beautiful ladies, beautiful riding! Just please wear helmets next time
glitching thru the void
Thank you! Enjoyed your takes, we are currently operating under similar assumptions, imho web of trust x niche economies x shared infra/network layer x native sustainable economic flows will unlock lots of cool experiences previously either not possible or in most cases probably not even thought off, I call it "Technological Renaissance"

P.S. Thank you @annoushka for minting (sharing/signalling/retweeting/super liking/contributing)!
decentralisation x diversity
hehe this is siiiiiiick
awesome news
amen!!! discovered via interface.social
touch grass they said...
w8 what? ETH ETF!!!???
wow, this comics like production with ai and sound/narrator is dope!
love the new format! imho social context and reputation will play a huge role in onchain identity. i.e @wijuwiju minted The rise of web3 social is not only a signal to the network that I enjoyed this content, it also shares part of my rep with you and your content among mine followers
Beautiful read and cover! Would love to chat sometime if you're interested, we are actively thinking how we can design and build experience aligned with our community, thus enabling tribes flourish and form true meaningful connections.
data must flow, zorbs must split
will tell my grandkids that I minted jpegs on the top layer of the internet, when ETH was still measured in monopoly money
very much enjoyed this!
labyrinth is just an illusion to keep sanity and boredom away, it's just an endless cycle
now in 3D
damage control
is that a pillow?
based indeed
🧨 🍟 ✨ 🌈 🐛
on Nine
lfg independent artists! Also if interested to chat, we are already building a whole experience at interface.social, maybe it could be a nice fit for the Latam creator community
onchain friday's become more fun with every week!
ohh damn, thats a big one. Would love to chat if anyone is interested in joining @interfacelabs, especially backend engineers.
epic pilot!! feeling online big time
hahaha, this is brilliant
on trip1
this looks awesome! congrats on the launch!
mint, burn, repeat
on films
congrats guys!
can't get enough of these!
decentralise me everywhere
for everything else there is Ethereum!
taking a dip right now!
love the palette
congrats on the launch, lfg!!!
mobile app icons?
fucking around at interface.social
bloooooob, hope i get a good one!
hey man, $enjoy Rome! These are great, insights very helpful!

P.S. everyone who enjoy's @pocobelli onchain should probably follow him through interface.social, super smooth experience, recommend 10/10!!!
speaker initiation sequence. discovered through interface.social
enjoyin in the place to enjoy at interface.social
wen next steam?
it was a good week indeed!
love all the updates on the tokenchat!
siiick, found this through interface.social
not sure whats the difference, but the background seems different
first one, cause i use interface.social
even thou @interfacelabs didn't make it, I am still excited!
very nice project!
zorb zorb zorb
simple man, i see a fellow cult wizard, i mint!
no idea what is happening here, but looks fun!
uploading imagination... very cool incentive and reward system for the first minters aka the imagination deployers
sounds like a token announcement
probably my favourite onchain creator! everyone should follow @0xbg
watching this from interface.social is freaking epic!
respect, consistency is everything
on Zeke
catch me onchain
kittens we fun. 6 years huh
one day, one day! Remember this comment!
hehe love it! think there is lots of room to improve the onboarding on our side thou :) such continuous video is very telling, thank you!
this is really neat, thank you for sharing!
blow up your perception, build, repeat
hehe just remembered i've tried to do similar 'nudge myself challenge' to go out and continuously take photos 6 years ago on Steemit, but only managed to do like 14/365 steemit.com/@wijuwiju lols
best of luck on the challenge, awesome colours!
hey @annoushka, check this out!
best of luck @stefdelev & CBA, also if I may suggest for future media to add a bunch of links, resources and an action item to description
nice edit, ser!
Farcaster x OP 🚀, hey dwr.eth, will trade you ep. 22AUG2023 for a lunch
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100% forged in bear
on EVM
the reason why
on Books
haven't read a book in years
should we add collection comments?
discover, read, collect
on MOC
get those steps in swag
love the identicons