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go with the slow
> straya mentioned
how do i report this
vibes looking good
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yesss, such a sick video, excited for collections+ as well!
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punkcube cured my virus
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don draper could never

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on tenets
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what a wonderful place the internet is
save online souls

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save online souls

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whole squa enjoying

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scening is believing
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ay im warpin here
on NFPs
not finna paperhand
straight to the top of my to-listen list 🫡
de loves me de loves me not
on 22
thank god for the Holofoil Y2K PuNKcube OG - a taste of the future.
am i late to the party
he got strong in his name y wouldn't u back him
member together up
gotta get the wario / waluigi setup going
on AI+
pyramids r very stable structures
wen spork
gifts for friends 🤓
petition to use dwr.eth zora mint proceeds to build an arch somewhere
emotionally attached
fair warning everyone, i'm feeling lucky
fair warning everyone, im feeling lucky
im feeling lucky
on FarOp
dopamine fiend 🫡
matildas will get em next wc
makes sense
i want to speak to the manager
nice sunset in nice
Dang wish I minted on desktop now
so keen for this!
come join farcaster chess channel!
on Punk
my fav way to take lsd (liquid staking derivatives)
      .'     '.      _
     /    .-""-\   _/ \
   .-|   /:.   |  |   |
   |  \  |:.   /.-'-./
   | .-'-;:__.'    =/
   .'=  *=|hyper _.='
  /   _.  |    ;
 ;-.-'|    \   |
/   | \    _\  _\
\__/'._;.  ==' ==\
         \    \   |
         /    /   /
based    \   `\  \
stay hyper
from one dave to another, black dave is the future
wait i dont see the zorb
beautiful piece

"ownership starts with agency" -> "agency starts with the consumer assuming the role of the curator"

This really resonated: read/write/own is pretty creator-focused framing, but ownership can and should be an active thing, and that's one of the huge unlocks of onchain media and curatorship.

on Based
In a digital realm where seconds spin,
A new Layer 2 came forth, using OP within.
Beyond the limits of the base chain's gait,
It rose with speed, refusing to wait.

While others lagged in latency's thrall,
This one was early, standing tall.
Transactions swift, costs cut thin,
A new age of blockchain would begin.

When others still processed, it was done,
Its ledger updated, the race was won.
Faster than light, ahead of its time,
Each block was a symphony, each hash a rhyme.

A novel solution to congestion and delay,
It ensured that users would no longer pay
With patience tested, and time wasted long,
For in being early, it was inherently strong.

On the horizon of tech, it shone so bright,
Leading pioneers by its promising light.
For in the world of blockchain so vast,
It's the early innovators that truly last.

In the world of finance, where hairs often split,
Daddy Armstrong, $BALD and with every bit,
Defeated the SEC, with finesse and no lack,
Proving sometimes, it's cooler not to have hair on the track!
perfect if $bald
on UFO
on Hyper
I feel you
zora zoom 🔮🔎💫
on Chess
😍 my first arjan
if u minted this and are going thru comments you would probs like unjumble.xyz
onchain graffiti
for the culture
on Memes
meme > brand
on EVM
fuck a hyphen
fun fact - no 2 ppl see the exact same rainbow.
on Canvas
giddy up we going onchain
together we zoar
enjoying ethereum
wallet is posted ✅
on Books
imagine a channel where u could stream in book highlights (e.g. via readwise API) 🤓
to squads, experimenting, and the "exponential surge in our shared wealth – of knowledge, culture, and humanity"...

wragmi (we rly all gonna make it)
loving the html.energy
on Cast