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on DAY 7
Loved this series! Kismet x Newtro having fun! 333333 $Enjoy
This is crazy! 106872 $Enjoy
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This is crazy! 100000 $Enjoy
Nicee! 1000000 $Enjoy
sos mi ídola chama! This is SO BEAUTIFUL! 2000000 $Enjoy
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Chillin 420 todo el día quemando maría!
on Worms
Lovely! 33333 $Enjoy
La salida es colectiva! 11111 $Enjoy
on Bosque
Portals <3
I love this one!
Has a lot of light and darkness all around! So beautiful!
In love with La Pampa!
on Aero
I'm playing!
I'm Melting +++
cyano awesome!
Mercy mercy me, things ain't what they used to be :(
This is awesome! <3
Wonderful! 😍
AMAZING 420 Full Chamba! Me encantó!
Welcome! So glad to see your work on Zora!
Congrats Aida! Love to see you on Zora!
OG, Founder, Artist, Friend, Hero 🌈
Just wonderful
I love it! My God is the Sun!
Loved the pixel downgrade zones! Great piece!
The good ol days
Interactive art is awesome!
Love all your work!
Amazing! Ta re crazy!
on Mike
Gimme those colors!
Gimme those tiles! <3 So happy to see you creating on Zora 🖤
Beautiful outfit! Congrats for the 100 eds minted 🖤
bears and sausages
Buenos Aires 🚇
I'm back for moaaaar. Aamazing piece brow!
Zorbish 🔮
This collection looks awesome!
I love generative landscapes!
Flamaaa 🖤
This house will be in my heart 4ever 🌲💚🌲
We did it! A masterpiece to celebrate the optimistic superchain 🤩
I love the mix of textures! This collection is awesome!
Love u frens <3
Awesome day! This is a treasure!
Interactive NFTs are next level!
Nature, light and darkness
on Hermes
Nino representing! Sos un capo tremenda animación!
Wise thinker. I need that pipe
It's looking at me!
Mint this cat to keep it cute!
Looking at the horizon
This is awesome! Octopuzorbbb
Go Nino go!
I could watch it for a while!
Non fungible fungi <3
See the light
Loved the brushstrokes!
This is perfect! Zorbishhhh
I want more of this! It's wonderful!
Mushy mushy!
His look was like the devil himself
Endless motion, I love it <3
on Flow
Glitched traces of running planets!
No foreigners allowed!
Keep expermenting like this! Loved the paint!
estante de árbol <3
Love your art! Collage, animation, glitch, it's beautiful!
This collection looks awesome! Love it!
Me gusta to' to' to' to' to' 🖤
We want moooar gems like this! Awesome!
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Support artists!
on Flow
You got it!
Dopamine to my bloooood!
We can beat them, for ever and ever!
Perpetual motion ftw!
Soma 777mg
Beautiful ending! love the art!
These are my roots, this is my hood!
Para tocar unos buenos corridos tumbados
painted scar tissues
on warped
Soma is what they would take when hard times opened their eyes
VuelaPelucas Gang in the woods!
Meditation drawing <3
Vase Head!
Can't wait to meet this little artist living in the woods. Great genesis! congrats!
Falling into the woods!
My favorite so far! I love this collection!
I've been admiring this piece for while! I love it!
Comfortable <3
Time is like a furious train!
We're blasting off!
We're still waiting for that train!
Interesting AI concepts!
cool totem :)
Epic crossover! Two of my favorites!
My nephew could kill for something like this
OMG I love this! Gltch and noice
A little snack before bed
Fungis and stars! <3
This is a very nice animation! You're awesome Taka!
Powerful! i love Pixel Art!
This outfit is so cool and the model is very good looking <3
A new dawn, a new day, a new life!
It's like a love letter to the hood
Everytime I come, this guy leaves!
This is so me!
Nobody is waiting for me on the otherside
Artists support artists!
Let's dance if you're a world champ!
Vuela partículas!
Summer tales!
Dino feeling blue
no lloren por mi, yo ya estoy muerto
Assembling zorbs 24/7
Dust and energy made my roots
Para más placer!
Pixels, glitches and noise. That's all I want!
Dark and nature 🖤🌿
Skin and bones
Let's be friends!
Tick tick tick tick tick tick tick...