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Everyone is an athlete ↑

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Let’s gooooo

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This is actually very cute 

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Very nice 

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This is beautiful!
on Karma
How to enter!??

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I’m calm now thank you 

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More FarHacks this summer!
So good

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Be onchain this summer

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on habits
How did you know…

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This does change everything 

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I’ll mint again it’s too good
Happy higher earth day!

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Beautiful, could watch with for hours

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Happy bagel day!
New York sounds fun :))

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on affirm
Good content 
Oh this is fun

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on 030
I will remember
on 044
Flying higher 

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File size may be too large, your thoughts may be too bright

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Download your degen companion at interface.social

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Nice and fresh

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Yoga onchain, this is so cool!!!!!
Higher sounds 

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These are cute 

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Your memes are phenomenal 

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The future is bright
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Love the details here!
Fun to play with!

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So good

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Ahhh so good!

Not sure I have any enjoy left

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Soren you need to set up an ENS

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To be released on April 5th, I’m reading the future!!! Love the format!

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Luigi and us we go higher

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Minting with $enjoy from Interface test test test !!!
Thank you for choosing 747 Airlines
What comes after noon?
Omg this is so good
on 1988
Minting this for provvenance purposes only.
This is the best thing I saw this week. Absolutely adorable. I want to mint the guacamole volcano too, please.
Totally irrational

P. S. Minting this from Interface. Yes, Interface has L2s now and yes, you can also mint from Interface (please pass this message to woj.eth, thank you)
So beautiful so perfect
How to make internet friends and influence people ???
the more cats the better
I'm getting some more
on Based
Based, truly
When mint and print
I didn’t manage to bridge to blast myself but this is great
Oh is it the interface’s face??? So cool wow so creative very nice!!!!
Hey cutie
Happy Friday everyone! mintfriday.xyz
Looks like a Wednesday yes
Rainbow. Inspired by the new reaction emoji on Warpcast (inspired meaning time to put it onchain)
This is so cool, thank you for sharing!!
on OP-1
A little scary but love it so much anyway
Just discovered your podcast, saving for later 🙌
Incredibly based
Beautiful concept
Looks like a veggie pizza??
Potatoes 🔝🔝🔝
Love this word, so poetic
6 to go please thank you
Thank you both for doing this!
This is a beautiful purple remix
this is it
Let’s goooooo Lisa
Cozy and not lonely
Thank you OpenUX team 🫶
Interface Black 6C is my favourite color
Love this! Excited for the next episodes/editions/poems :)
Please don’t cook again
Good Josh, good wine
I like everything about it
This is truly beautiful Ted, thank you!
Am I awake yet?
It’s beautiful and purple
I swear since 2018 don’t know why it shows 2021 must be a mistake
Dino please don’t leave
and this one
beautiful collection! love the bits of color on this one
You want to be a part of this. Apply at: www.seedclub.xyz/getfunded/accelerator
based and onchain
extremely good looking zorby
It’s well-made and reasonably funny. I suggest you all mint.
Based and yellow based and yellow
Beautiful collection, thank you 🤍
Don’t be like them to be different or because they’re “wrong” and you’re “right” or...
Fascinating, especially zooming in.

(those seeing this comment, you need to open the artwork on desktop to fully enjoy the interactive experience)
Love the digital garden concept! And thank you for including Interface in your Best of 2023 🤍
"We've moved from being storytellers to being attention merchants, trading depth for breadth, trading patience for pace". Thank you for this, beautiful writing!

Linking the original article here in case anyone missed: mirror.xyz/0x51665825742d7BDdDe2c24e4E48dF23662c24Ed5/26ODWk5r4NRGAmPuPoaFoRaEoGhXN7PnRTpiocTEXgk
on TV
I could watch forever
I don’t know this is weird
Bookmarking this for later (you can bookmark on interface now :))
wow annoushka great job nice
Memory is the diary that we all carry about with us (Oscar Wilde)

Interface is the diary (annoushka.eth)
Happy memecember!
Tinky winky is a dreamer
on laalaa
This is too good
Love this one!
Real shark December 22 👀
@interfacelabs > 0x3b5359709945587af3d800aa174b3e2ddc92d38d
Those are the moves
Let’s add those vocals!!!
the edge of the world looks bright