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You rock sabato ! 100000 $ENJOY
Your animation skills are better on every drop !!

194,614 $ENJOY
Wish you the best forever!!! congrats on the curation! 

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Love love love !!! your works are truly hypnotic amiga!

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This is everything i want/need !! for real...im not joking! 

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I love the intimacy on this piece! a masterpiece as always!

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Collecting a Debbie Tea is always a great way to start the day! love your work o much :)
Let´s gooo Kismet!
Oh well it seems i got to enter Kismet Casa!
This is a great piece !!!
Awesome work Aleh !!!!
To a masterpiece a mastertip 392860 $Enjoy
Your style is unique!! This is an amazing piece! (out of enjoy but i will come back)
You are one of a kind amiga! 90000 $enjoy
Nice piece! 10000 $Enjoy
Yeaaaah!! me en can ta! 19613 $Enjoy
I can relate 30,387 $enjoy
Yesssss i got it! awesome piece amiga, i will enjoy it a lot! 50000 $Enjoy
Love it amiga! as always you bring the heat ! 100000 $Enjoy
Awesome work ! 50000 $Enjoy
Blessed be your day job, it brings a lot of inspiration! congrats awesome work ! 50000 $Enjoy
Love it so much, so cute!!!
40387 $Enjoy
Oh no where the cutie went??? such a cool work friend, you are amazing!
$stipinpixel holder !!
Cutie evil nug, my kind of nug !
Oh yes! one more frula to the vault! awesome work !
I feel so degen right now! 19014 $Enjoy
Happy 420 !! 100000 $Enjoy
on Mint
Oh yes!! love everything you do! MINT MINT MINT 100000 $Enjoy
Amigo this piece is awesome, love every frame, every detail. You are the real deal! 100000 $Enjoy
Loveee it a lot! awesome work as always! 100000 $Enjoy
I have a John on tezos, sol and now on eth ! awesome piece!
One Kitty is not enough for me 💘 495091 $Enjoy
Fire for my soul ! 100000 $Enjoy
Amazing piece my dear Turro !! love you forever 100000 $Enjoy
Oh yessssss!!! always bringing the heat! 100000 $Enjoy
My dear fake! happy to see you on zora my dear amigo! 100000 $Enjoy
You got the best fashion !! 66666
I was needing fresh milk 100000 $Enjoy
Those noses live in my heart ! 100000 $Enjoy
on cabeza
So fun wax ! 100000 $Enjoy
Love every detail as always! 100000 $Enjoy
You are so full of amazing details ! 123123 $Enjoy
i would love to try this evil tetris! 150150 $Enjoy
Trippy and weird, my kind of piece! 121121 $Enjoy
That devil has "Bedazzled" vibes 123123 $Enjoy
I feel like a true degen right now !!
Is so dynamic, fun and dark! love your work
Love every detail, Yon is insanly great! Best wishes to the selected artist for this adventure !
Love everything about, your skills are unique!
My soul, a flower with thorns!
Beautiful piece, it will become my good luck charm for this year of the dragon.
Love this work aaron!! the flowers are super cool !
on Messsi
My argentinian heart will treasure this work forever! Love what u do Mashine, you are one of a kind !
I loveeee everything you do! happy to have this on my collection
I love this arch!! from now on is one of my favs :)
Kitty stole my heart
I want to be part of that plague!
This should reach 1 million mints! amazing piece
Kitty go crazy on revenge ASAP !!
Your work is insanly cool !
Oh wow!!! i want to live in Delmas World forever!
on Page 4
your style is so refined and distinctive
Always happy to collect a riniifish !!!
The pencil texture fascinates me !!!
I love every detail on this work!
on Mars
Love this dog, the hair reminds me of the artist Renata Schussheim
Moraaaaa! me fascinaaaa
You crazy pixel head!
I can feel the cold!
Amazing!!! love your work amiga
La rosa más hermosa siempre!
Vamoo parceeee
on Page 3
Amo esta colección Sato!
Cool Kids collects Jordi
Love having a morlacos!!! alta gema!
I would also swim there even if it is forbidden
Love this piece!! absolute weirdo
Weird art by Jakestdios??? yes, please!
Weird and glitchy, my kind of girl!
Awesome experience!!! miss you Kismet
Es genial !!!
Always happy to have a Riniifish on my collection :)
Love it so much !!!
Amazing work as always my dear Burka!
Woo hoo! i have a Gora :)
Amigo, te volaste! esta increible :)
Chill y oscuro!! mi tipo de vibra
The best zorb ever!
Im really happy to be part of Kismet
Que gran junta!!
Hermoso chamita !!! sos genial
My favorit artis :)
Always happy to collect a Clapham
Calaveras y serpientes, mi tipo de junta
Love this work! happy to collect :)
Wooo hooo !! lovely work Mikey
Wooo hoo mi primer obra tuya en eth! soy feliz
I feel honored to have a work by you Jake! keep on, you are truly awesome!
I could not resist having an artist journal
Hey dambass !!! que lindo coleccionarte, feliz de tener esta obra
Wooo hoo creo que es mi primer Virk :)
Gm! great way to start the day with this Myceli-oats!
Vamoo mi primer basaia en eth
Hermoso hongo amigo nesvis!
Tengo un banquete de MArietta!!!
Increible trabajo Empa!
Fantastica obra querida Ludmi
Woo hooo!! Lets go Turro :)
I love the Cariberse