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came here today to mint because yesterday i thought WHO NEEDS DRUGS WHEN THERE'S MUSIC and thats just true
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can't believe u finally here
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this is very special 11111 $enjoy
inspired by a true nonbi
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on 1BS
i love ur work sm <3 777 $enjoy
To akii pra faaalar do nossO pouco tempo de AMIZADE
Pq só vcc me faiiz ir caminhaa de RASTEIRINHA e BOLSA ''/
Pq so com vc eu dooou akelaas risadaas..
PQ quando agente se encoontra agente naum páara de falaa..
PQ a nossa AMIZADE naum eh forçada por causa de HOMEN nenhum
Pq vc nesse pouco teempo se toorno maaiis qe especiial na minha videnha.. *-*
PQ vc eh minha CUMPLICEE
São taantos os motiiivooos (:
VC eeeh uma irmãazona pra eu akii viiu

Xii amO muiitoozãao viiu ..


Leia mais: depoimentos-frases.webnode.pt/depoimentos-prontos-para-orkut-/

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on hi7
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3000 $imagine to tir3d.eth
i love this so much! 5000 $enjoy
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stunning 10000 $enjoy
=^.^= 3000 $enjoy
thanks for sharing the lore, i love it <3
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this is my favorite art right now
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I love this one <3
ygor alves institute when
ygor alves institute when
this one is just so goooorgeous <3
i just love ur processss2s2s2
<3 much love
only a phone this big for all my clowness
sublime imagination
i've been imagining since day one; i've been Loring, Plotting, Planning and Scheming, but mostly and neverthless, i've been imagining. I've imagined when i played on the mud, when things got too rough, when no one was around. i've imagined when things were sweet & imagined when they were sour. I've Imagined So Much I've Left Earth And Entered Ether.....
im highly short-sighted and this is pretty much how i see things when im not wearing my contacts... this series actually really moved me and I think this is the last edition left (?)[im not sure tho]. well anyways im glad to have it and thank u for the beautiful art/connection <3
i just wanna build a home yk
everything u do is kinda lovely <3
amo mto seus tramposs <3<3
so beautiful <3
love ur work sm <3
mto fofoo