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Love your work My fren, Nice to see you in zora ❤️
Que hermoso ver el proceso y haber visto el poster en persona ❤️ 164646 $enjoy
Love your works My fren 166666 $enjoy
Farming time! 100666 $enjoy
Aguante la monogamia 200666 $enjoy
what a nice piece my fren, amazing 166666 $enjoy
zarpada en elevada, magia pura 499999 $enjoy
another one to the collection 999 $imagine
nice smile 1001 $imagine
magic is magic 6666 $enjoy
super collected 999 $imagine
fantastic 999 $imagine
oh my goddess 1001 $imagine
nice brown 999 $imagine
what a turbina piece! 1000 $imagine
Mindblown lit🤯🤯 999 $imagine
on zen2
ZENDOS nice piece! 1000 $imagine
terrible 847 $enjoy
que locura 888 $enjoy
tachame la doble 1420 $enjoy
on joy2
YO 1777 $enjoy
ta re oscuro este, me da miedo 1666 $enjoy
dope skull af 111111 $enjoy
weed = love 88888 $enjoy
aguante el family game! 77777 $enjoy
mencantaa 66666 $enjoy
besto crossover everr!!! 6666 $enjoy
burn 420 burn! love this piece stani! 6666 $enjoy
I can see perfect clean pixels! love it 30666 $enjoy
that maldita zona 9666 $imagine
wooo super crossover!! amazing artists amazing piece!
zarpado amigo! muy buena! 7777 $enjoy
shark surfing rules!
on Kiddo
besto crossover ever! 6666 $enjoy
unOS varios! y RE estamo! 6666 $Enjoy
on tea
team tea, yes of course! 49666 $enjoy
my mind demands me an explication, awosome my fren 49666 $enjoy
omg, amzing sculpture and nice color! I wanna listen that synth! 6666 $enjoy
sup doggie daniru 49666 $enjoy
the peace of the storm 6666 $enjoy
on HAM
NOW I NEED HAM, nice pixels 6666 $enjoy
alien welcome home! 6666 $enjoy
aguante miura!! 6666 $enjoy
enjoy La Nueva Luna iluminará 6666 $enjoy la nuevaa
codificated 49666 $enjoy
el ofe! gran pieza! 6666 $enjoy
the fire burns forever, amazing piece my fren 6666 $Enjoy
claiming mood! 49666 $enjoy
Goro vibes! 6666 $Enjoy 1666 $imagine
limada obra amigo!
49666 $enjoy
1999 $imagine
zarpado marcus!! mencanta esta serie" 6666 $Enjoy
nice piece!! enjoy the 6666 $Enjoy
amazing project my fren! 6666 $Enjoy
tranku jacuzzi de fideo chill fideo moñito <3
oops I meant 50666 $enjoy
galactic dope! amazing piece my fren 24666 $Enjoy
of course i wanna play my fren, nice piece! 16666 $Enjoy
love the skulls and insects! nice piece!! 19999 $Enjoy
amazing pieceee!! 42069 $Enjoy
pegasus fantasy! 666 $imagine 6666 $Enjoy
a ver si esta vez funca? hermosa pieza!
on joy7
happy happy joy joy! 6000 $imagine
nice piece! 420 $Enjoy
on Worms
this worm travel for NYC, amazing! 1312 $Enjoy
que elegancia la de Luna! 79722 $Enjoy
what a nice combo! 1312 $Enjoy
that sunglasses! 19999 $Enjoy
amazing madness 2223 $imagine
amazingg pieceeee 420 $Enjoy
interesting piece! 49999 $Enjoy 1999 $imagine
on Cage
maldita y cómoda zona de confort! 24999 $Enjoy
super cheap, best hero ever! 69420 $Enjoy
amazing character design, i wanna play the game now!
amazing character design, i wanna play the game now!
on Mint
what a nice poster!!
zarpada pieza! 30420 $Enjoy
cuidate, querete, ojito...
amazin pills! a mi amigo el tanooo... 1111 $imagine
psychodelic liquid vibes! 29999 $Enjoy
hack this mundo violento with love, amazing circuit 🐧<3
touching the grass and the weed! amazing animation !
nice piece!! love it!! +++ !!!
!!! imagine +++
what a nice pixel animation !!! +++ 42069 $Enjoy
nice piece!! love the 404 error
zarpada pieza!! la paleta y los detalles la rompen! 666 $Enjoy
aguante la garbage, trash not dead, zarpada pieza! 11111 $Enjoy
3333 $imagine to 0xF90665f14EeFda57144441743816f4740CC89722
woo nice piece my fren! 69 $Enjoy
plata y miedo nunca tuvimo! 9999 $Enjoy
on trap
maldita maldita zona de confort, 666 $Enjoy
what a nice codiguito !!!
666 $Enjoy
nice piece my fren!
6666 $imagine
amazing clothes!!! love this series !!! 6666 $Enjoy
amazing piece! love this photo! !!! 69 $enjoy 69 $imagine
PEN² intensifies* !!! 69 $imagine 69 $enjoy
art, I love art
LFB! (let fkin boat!) +++ 69 $imagine 69 $enjoy
nice retrato !!! +++ 69 $imagine 69 $enjoy
Amazing cyano !!! +++ 69 $imagine 69 $enjoy
the real goosta mafia! 🦢😎 !!! +++ 69 $imagine 69 $enjoy
amazing combination !!! +++ 69 $imagine 69 $enjoy
what a nice stars !!! +++ 69 $imagine 69 $enjoy
eeeeooooo eeeeoooooo amazing Freddy !!! +++ 69 $imagine 69 $enjoy
amazing piece!! that smile !!! +++ 69 $imagine 69 $enjoy
amazing pixels my fren !!! 69 $enjoy 69 $imagine
amazing piece !!! 69 $enjoy 69 $imagine
woooa, what a nice PETSCII art!!! keep texting !!! +++
another 1 piece, because its a masterpiece!
woo so ancestral espiritual +++ imagine 420 $degen !!!
woo amazing piece my fren!! +++ $imagine camperón <3
will the glass broke !!! +++ $Imagine
Insurrección popular
Huelga General
so trippy! +++ $imagine 420 $degen
Fitter happier
More productive 
+++ $imagine $degen
what a nice work!!! amazing piece gabi!! +++ $imagine
give it to me in the veins
amazing zorb x1000 !!! +imagine
what a nice pixels!! what a nice piece!!
amazing piece and amazing story!
winners use drugs :)
wanna see it IRL ASAP!
fuerza patagonia, gracias amigo!
Masterpiece! 420 $degen
me rompió la jeta amigo! amazing!
zarpado clip!!! amazing piece!!
need more plants!! grow grow!!
what a nice Bug!! amazing work rini!!
imagine zarpada pieza +++
pero el dorado no es un color!
cominterpro <3
trippin legend
need a 'grabado' or 'serigrafía' of this one, so clean <3
under the seaaa (8)
hermoso esto xdio!!!
glad to see your art here my fren, amazing piece!
hell yeah!!! nice to see you here my fren!!!
pixels that can be smelled
no me gusta el azul porque es el color de los cobanis, pero esta zorb me encanta <3
Don't Fade Brett Twice🍼
!epod epod epoD
amazing piece! really amazing piece!!
support is never enough, love this piece!
so cute uwu!
I have the same Genius n_n nice piece!!
another amazing trippy night! love this piece
amazing piece tia! que tengas un lindo sabado también tkm
anothe of this beautiful landscape pixel pls, amazing and peace
woww dope af so trippy <3
welcome BENDICIONES. what an amazing piece!
what a honor my fren!!! amazing peace!! all the details, im sensible :')
love your work amigo!! siguiendo a dias nubla2 desde cemento!! <3
reaching 1k mints!? hell yeah LFG!! thx to all collectors!!
can we reach 666 mints? also 666 $degen
welcome my fren!! glad to see you here, also amazing piece!! <3
amazing pixels, I wanna be there
super peposo trippy dope af
fantastic pixels, super dope, love your art Ro
smells like rain spirit <3
my wish is to be able to have as many wishes as possible ;)
my wish is to be able to have as many wishes as possible
Amazing piece my patagonian frens! <3
*dope intensifies* love it my fren
what a very amazing piece my fren <3