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Time to build your Zorb! 🔮

You got the box, now you have the BRICK! Lego Interactive free-mint: zora.co/collect/zora:0xec937219732c8a15dec702459a290e9388fb04cf/8?referrer=0x8eb88458D30529B79eeEe8c3ECfE0cB3eA42e736

Made with Blender & Photoshop
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🙌🙌🙌 1111 $Enjoy
don't step on it
5000 $enjoy
I want to disassemble it and assemble it again
Drdank likes Legos
I used to play all day with Legos as a child <3
LEGO Zorb available in all dimensions and universes ;-)
johhny x111 THANKS 🪄🔮🙏😻
I love Lego, what can I say?
I love lego zorbs
looking for manual instructions..
Lego+Zorb=☆*: .。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆
haha, thats fun
x15 🪄✨ cheers to tokenchat.co
one more for the collection of zorbs
Zorb! Zorb! Zorb!
lego x zora
I want this lego ^_^
Lego zorbs
leggo zorbies
Pero que cosa más pechocha!
lego zorb the best
this really brings me joy
Super Cool!
please submit @ ideas.lego.com/projects/create
"required 10,000 supporters."
scalpers got em first, fuck
x10 Riquelme💙💛
I must have another one ;-)
so funny😂
LE(f)GO zora!
Childhood of builders
4'33" J Cage
Great zorb my frend!!
I need it!
Wow! So Zorbish 🐻🌐
almost 400pcs/pzs/mints
So Nice 👌🏽👌🏽👌🏽👁
i am 100 years old i cant play with this?
I love lego 🧱🧱🧱
My nephew could kill for something like this
5 orbs 🚬
go my little zorb, go go go 🧙‍♂️
also if u are in tokenchat.co heres my new drop:
Lego Zora Let's goooo!!!
Great Zorb Gabi!!!
I'll take another one for my little nephew. ZORB!
Please make the lego NBA again
childhood memories coming back to me😭❤️
Remember that here you can collect the interactive GLB!
Now I have the box!
This is so cool dude! keep it up!
So cool! Love it!
When I was a girl this litlle bricks name was Ladrillitos.
what a great piece! reminded me of childhood✌️
Blue gradient zorb - #goat
Brick brick brick!
Take my moneeeeey!!!
(Sucks to be 100 yrs old and not be allowed to play with these any more)
best corssover ever... epic zorb! I love lego too <3 🔵
love this Lego Zorb !! epic work friend
Sensual Seduction
tkm gabi
very cool!
ha nice!
We should make a custom set
Ⓜ️𝗜𝗡𝗧 · This should be real. 👓 🔵
so cool <3
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