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amaazing collage love from BERAZATEGUI
NINOOO sos muy capo amigo, me encant
character surrounded by nature, lovely and beautiful
chamaa muy hermoso haber visto tu proceso de pruebas con hydra, hermosa obra
My patagonian imaginary is starting to look like your art, GRACIAS STANIII!!
buena glb matemaan
Wow, leí los primeros dos relatos y ya se que me lo termino,
first two chapters already got me in
amazing work!
Sobbeautiful, ty for this , wonder how its made,, greetongss from BERAZATEGUI
Me encantaaa el tamaño de esto y el scanerr!!!
on 0800
buen noise amigooo orgaaanicoooooo
jotita me encantan tus flashes epilépticos
Dambasss un abraZooo hermosa simetría
on tea
Love chinese , increible pieza virkkk
i saw this IRL !!!! honor!
Line clouds
Luu quiero ver más fungí puede ser?
voya investigar al artista! abrazoo
Para cuando ese AirDrop en enjoyy abrazo amigo
Woww feeling so lucky of being part of this, graciasgraciasgracias Bosque y Newtro aguante epuyen la patagónia y ustedes locooo
siento que me se me va a caer un fierro en la cabeza con ese soundtrack, alta pieza lau, abzo
i drank that same brand with my dad yesterday,
abrazoo ekeko me gustan las mallas que utilizas
vinitoo un abrazote desde berazategui
thank u forever for teaching me this
Real life textures matters
visual pleasure
great amigo, scanned?
dambass gud for u mixing illustration and gif, love From BERAZategui
Just awesome, repetitions is speciall, still figuring out why. LOVE from arg, keep going
bulls team
belleza total, muchas graciass
deberías reconocerlo
amigoo zarpado veer tu proceso
awesome collection lu, i remember the first works u made in epuyen in bosuqe residency
black ceramics epic piece
la mire escuchando a takanaka
i see the artist in the cloth

awesome piece see u Buenos Aires!!
awesome intersections
gud collectionnn
im the one in the left, yes indeed
love your work bro, it inspires me to paint more
aaasi me levante hoy ajjaja
yeah ber, no estoy muy imaginativo para comentar hoy
están sucediendo muchas cosas a la vez en esta obra,
good one
daleee roo tus mañanas son un bien para la humanidad
maga listens to silence in between sound
Hello awesome concept i d love to see more
i d like to be under the sea in an octopuses garden in the shade
love your art dambass keep it going
please rain when dry, sun when wet
nachito greetings from patagonia, thank u for your company and your technique
how many dragon ball were there?
analog and digital toghether simply awesome
on Smooth
raining in the fores
can i get this irl
misterious fascination with bears
this happens when u look deep enough
sunrise is everyday spring
te vas de tema friend, tripofobia full activation love it amazing amazing amazing super
reminds me of number 9 in tarot
awesome stani
in my opinion your best goat, really shows how u love to play with rough textures
love this goat lemon reacting with ink
Amigo sos un artista en el sentido más global que te imagines, zarpado haber compartido ahi con vos en el proceso
amigo unas ganas de hacer una collab y aprendeer
que loco conocerte y charlar de tu obra,
amazing to know u irl and discuss your work
amz piece
gaby semilla onboarding on a residency with a piece from another resiency
this kind of behaviuor affects the blockchain..
sexy mario dont know how to feel about it AMAZING PIEEECEMAN
AMAAZING PIEEECE, me encanta como logras textura de papel incluso con la imagen rota
awesome and a pleasure to share workspace, and see the process
un atardecer en la vereda queridoo
conceive life creating
this should happen
what happened after escaping for the first
index 2 html
opening blender change the way i look at this
on Hermes
simetry is not human, great palette broder
what i like about stains is unexpected
verticality comes from watching trees niko
Combining colors and people and palettes and knowledge , bravo my bro
Amigo mejoraste mi calidad de vida
a lot of things happening in this piece, so much layers, awesome work juaniito
I love this drawings, i can see a real hand holding the pencil here ty
circularity is key in this piece, congratulations brother from LA PAMPA ARG
i love experiments
quiero agarrar la moto y caerles
i will grab the bike and go
where is 2
hornbucket coming for you
i once had a friend called kinky
friends need to zorb, specially in autumn
fortune, eggs , abundance, love the glitch detail and dream
awesome gif, keep it coming
What happens when combining two families of words
happy to collect, keep it up yhomara
randomly scattered in the wild
Amigo flasho perspectiva es tremendo
el pelo me incomoda (eso es bueno)
yes brother thank u for the wine and salamin
on Coihue
tree shelter, heart refuge
gracias por el vino amigo
the moments that make up a dull day
i am 100 years old i cant play with this?
japanese goat
amigo quiero esos ojos
Amigo fue muy zarpado cuando las vimos al final
Casa chica corazon grande
amarilla the herd leader
corn fields forever, i love that look
i know this is possible
ii think bathrooms are time capsules
keeep painting bro
tomorrow irl celebration amigoo
aguante el chorii mybro