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Imagine without seeing, in an alley where cockroaches abound. You are still, you can't move. They approach little by little and begin to climb your body, you feel their sticky paws running over your extremities. You want to take them off, but your arms and legs are immobile. You are alone, you don't see or move, you can only feel.
What do you feel? can you feel the disgust? the impotence?
You want to scream but you can't, your lips are stuck together.
You can only breathe, as fear takes you completely.

Digital illustration made with procreate
Canvas: 21cm*29.7
300 dpi
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Lovely work! 💙
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weiiird and cute! love the blurry body feeling 🪳
woww nice piece, love the lights and the roaches!!
omg o: breatheeee
amazing piece
waw cool artwork, love the aestetic 10000 $enjoy
we create what we fear 60000 $enjoy
Be fearless
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fallout giant roaches fear D: 40001 $enjoy
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