1080x1080 169 colors 7MB      
Kidd, hailing from Chaco 🔥✨, is not only a gifted artist but also one of the finest designers, illustrators, and NFT creators I admire. This animation is my heartfelt tribute to Kidd and his captivating, colorful characters that have captured my heart.

This piece is part of the "Arts And W3B artists' onboarding workshop" collection, as the result of Newtro's March 2024 onboarding workshop to web3 for Latin American artists.
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besto crossover ever! 6666 $enjoy
Me encanta 😍
yaaay love that vibes ami ✨💛✊🏻
La animación es increible!
The animation is so smooth, it makes me really envious. Big fan.
lovely animation friend! 5000 $Enjoy
Espectacular! Y tiene toda la vibra de kiddo!
1000 $Enjoy
Amazing ma fren <3 60000 $ENJOY
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