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7000 $imagine :DDD
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Noo, tremendo descontrol! Me encanta este render 3D, está bien volado
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Your squared and coloured animations are one of a kind
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Tremenda manera de graficar la lluvia, amigo
I love this illustration of the best bar of the world
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Tremenda foto.
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Muy buena! Me encantan los colores de las acuarelas
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Naaaa esto me encanta! Que tremendo!
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terrible ilustración
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Amazing piece, i love the inmensity!
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Tremendaaaa! Me encantan las pilas de piedritas
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Miralos a los turros re pegados en Europa! Tranqui los muñeeee
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Uuuu amigo me encantó esta, no la tenía! Sarpadaaaa
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WhY So SeRiOuS?
You re skilled broda
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Buenisima Juancho, me hubiera gustado pegarle a mi a la pelotita pero que suerte que se fue afuera
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Great work
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on Yeti
There’s a lot happening in Mental’s world
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insane work as always
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Nice 3D Martinjo!
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Muy buena PonyBoy! La rompe esa textura
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Que tremenda! 102323 $enjoy
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Turning the wood into colorful pixels! Love it Ekeko!
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simply but amazing! as always!
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Incredible artwork! Everything you do looks amazing!
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yo vivia en el bosque muy contentooo
the last of us vibess
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que buena ilustración Poshiii
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Nice one!
Enjoying but sunday
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Nice n yellow
on hand
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Good one!
history there
muy bueee!!!
Good one my friend
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muy buena! 1500 $enjoy
Nice drawing!!
Tremenda panchitoo 500 $enjoy
Me encanta esto amigooo 555 $enjoy
Devil freak
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Good one friends
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Amazing PonyBoy
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Never liked Gaturro
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nice corner!
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esto es muy bueno! alta noche esa
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Nice piece
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it’a dark and late
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on hi99
Noche piece, Nuv
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where are the white walkers?
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increible! demasiado loco
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Hermosa obra LU
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Amazing as always
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Buena animacion, me gustaaa!
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Love the colours and the texture
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on 777
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Amazing!!! 100000 $enjoy
Buena foto
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Nice piece
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Tremenda Panchito!!
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Increíble! Realmente hermosa ilustración
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Amigo está voladisima esta pieza, me encanta la textura y los colores
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Hermosa pieza amigo <3
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incredible, but even more beautiful in real life! love your house!
my last 6126 $enjoy go to you
i'll be back next week
Tremendas piezas, personalmente me gusta mucho toda esta colección con Marcos y colores re locos!
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Muy buena Pipe
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Love the fungí world
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Tremenda, alto style
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tremenda obra amigo
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Amazing pixels Brenda, keep exploring
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excelente retrato de la llanura pampeana
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Alta obra y tremenda colección de physicals!
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tremenda Rama!
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muy buena!
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buenisima Naw!
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me encanta la animación, super fluida y bien representada. Capo Estani
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I want to live there one day.
3000 $imagine
Linda Tate!
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well, that's very graphic. now i want to enjoy life
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muy buena Santi!
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Muy linda Gabi, me encanta la perspectiva
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on F100
alta nave andando por la picada! 15000 $enjoy
muy buena!
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modo perraaaa
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buenisima composición de colores
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Me encanta amigo, me acuerdo cuando empezaste la colección de azar# y como la fuiste desarrollando, se nota un montón en esta nueva colección. Me re ceba!
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winter is coming!
7000 $imagine
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Yep, that's Muhammad!
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Love seeing you grow watching DBZ! 1846 $imagine
incredible, my little brother! i love your passion for football and art, you are a genius kid!
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Muy buuuena esta pr0lific!!
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sera perche ti amooo
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dany pixels!!
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Está buenisima amigo, te reee pasaste
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muy buena! 10000 $enjoy
Congrats for your first NFT minted Pipeeeee!!! 50000 $enjoy
amazing! x5 and 5000 $enjoy
this drawing made me smile :) 5000 $enjoy
zorbs everywhere! 3000 $enjoy
100 $enjoy for this radioactive rat
cute! 1000 $enjoy
19 $enjoy
Good painting
nice level of details
roastie roastie
cute dragons!
i always loved the child and dragon's stories
love the animals :)
here collecting you back! don't have enjoy nor imagine this week, but will tip u the next one!
on joy1
first of a beautiful collection! collected everyone, couldn't miss this one..
Killing it in the streets!
This is brillant Rama, starting the painting with natural inks and finishing with this level of detail.. congrats bro
don't have allowance left but enjoy!!
10th enjoyoor
Wow!!!! que hermoso dibujitoooooo Marian! Me re encantó, me llevo 3
i love the dimension imposible universe!
Wish i had enjoy or imagine right now to tip you
Joy joy enjoy
Bailando ma rim ba
Me encanta coleccionar tus obras después de presenciar cuando las creas! Buenísima!
Wish i had imagine or enjoy to give you for this beauty piece
You are cooking with this collection
This whole collection is nuts
Lot of thing happening here
Good drawing
Really funny drawing, love that dress