“I love you. I am so happy you’re in my life.”

“If you’re going to be the drug dealer for all my clients, get better drugs.”

"You're almost normal Corrine. You are so close to being normal."

“LA is a great place to write about because it’s already fictitious.”

“You are ruining my life.”

“New York is all about eating dinner and then doing coke at the table for dessert.”

“I forgot to look up yesterday.”

“You are modern day Anna Karenina. The beautiful, impossible, ephemeral Anna Karenina of our generation.”

“You’ve always been my secret muse. I write for you, I see you. I can’t shake it, And always wish you the world.”

“If LA is slutty, then NY is a whore.”

“Even when something bad happens, I’m smiling. There’s a shift happening.”

“You’re the dream I can’t remember.”

“They say you shouldn’t have dreams, you should have deadlines.”

“I'll just watch you smoke. You can blow it into my face."

"I should start writing down all the words you say so you can hear how beautiful you are."
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